Baja Cruise Saved By Topaz

I’m writing this post from my iPad so I have no idea what it’s going to look like when I’m done.

Just wanted to share a new set of photos that I worked on this evening. I went back into the archives to some shots that I took on our cruise to Baja Mexico last April. For some reason I had never really been that enthusiastic about the photos from that trip. They were mostly of the snapshot variety, and since the skies were overcast most of the time we were out there, the lighting wasn’t that great for photography.

Tonight I decided to see what Topaz Adjust could do with a few of the images, and I’m glad I did. You can see the entire set at my Flickr page. I hope you’ll check them out and let me know what you think!

And here’s my favorite one:

Baja Cruise April 2010

This is a rose that we saw at the L.A. Cetto winery where we toured while docked in Ensenada Mexico. The roses are planted at the ends of the rows of grapevines, and they serve as an early warning system to alert the growers to pests and diseases that could affect the vineyards. Their roses were just beautiful, and this shot sprang to life when I ran it through Topaz tonight.

Gulls over Ensenada

Finally got a few hours to spend processing  more of the photos that we took while we were on our cruise back in April.  On the third day of the cruise we were docked in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico.  In the late afternoon we went out on deck to watch the sunset, and we found that there was a very stiff breeze blowing, with sustained winds around 20-25 mph.  We noticed that the seagulls, which always accompanied the ship while in port, were flying into the wind as they came close to the ship, and for the most part they were simply hovering in the air with their wings widespread.

I had the telephoto lens on my camera, and managed to get some great shots of these beautiful birds in the late afternoon sun as they circled around us.

The full-size version of these photos can be seen on my Flickr site in the set titled Gulls in Flight. They were all shot as JPG files and processed in PaintShop Pro X3.

I haven’t been able to get out with the camera lately, and now it’s beginning to get really hot here in the Valley.  I have a four-day weekend coming up for the Fourth of July, so I’m hoping to spend some quality camera-time then.  I miss it!