The Pottery Shop

Continuing my series of images from last weekend’s overnight trip to Jerome, AZ:

Once we got to Jerome on Saturday, we drove to the hotel and parked the car, and then we walked everywhere we needed to go.  Jerome is built on the side of a steep mountain, and our hotel was at the top end of town.  Walking downhill to visit the shops and restaurants was a breeze, but walking back to the hotel was a workout!

As usual, the nice thing about walking while carrying a camera is that you naturally notice more details about your surroundings.  The image for today is a great example.  This little shop is located at the end of the street where there is a steep U-turn switchback in the road.  Normally while driving through Jerome you have to be extra cautious because of all the pedestrian traffic (especially on the weekends), and when you get to these steep turns you have to keep your eyes on the road.  For that reason, I had never noticed this charming little pottery shop with the bright red door.  But when we walked through town on foot, it was hard to miss the bright colors, especially with the late afternoon soon shining on the building’s facade:

The Pottery Shop
HDR created from three handheld bracketed photos (-1.0/0.0/+1.0) processed in Photomatix v4. Post-processing in Paintshop Photo Pro X3.

I will be posting my shots from Jerome to a new set on Flickr–Jerome Arizona – 2011.03.12. Most of them won’t get their own blog post, but I encourage you to check out the set, especially if you have any interest in visiting the Jerome area.

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Copper Entryway

I took my camera to work with me today and at lunchtime I made a quick trip over to the Arabian Library in Scottsdale.  I’ve been there several times before and always thought that those copper walls would make some great photos, especially when contrasted with the deep blue sky.

I got several decent shots today with the 28-300mm zoom, even though the noontime sun was quite harsh.  This particular shot was made on the side of the building where there was an entryway cutout in the wall.  Just inside this entryway there are doors leading to the left and the right, although they aren’t visible here.  What caught my eye were the two pieces of red alarm equipment on the inner wall.

I just liked the geometry of the scene:

Copper Entryway

This is a single exposure shot handheld at 85mm, ISO 200, F/6.3, 1/640s. I processed it in PaintShop Photo Pro X3, using Topaz Adjust to bring out some of the details that were lost in the harsh sunlight. I love the texture and color variations in the copper sheeting, it would have been a shame to lose that!