BFF’s in the Christmas Parade

Yeah, I know I said I was wrapping up the series of images from the Tupelo Christmas parade, but there’s still a few that I just had to share.

I couldn’t resist this one.  These three little girls just looked so cute in their Santa hats and reindeer antlers, even as their facial expressions made it plain they were ready for the whole event to be over with!  They were just adorable!

Tupelo Christmas Parade 008

I’m really getting antsy to do some more shooting, but unfortunately it’s pretty difficult on my schedule.  There just isn’t enough daylight in my non-working hours during the week, and the weekends have been pretty hectic getting ready for the holidays.  I may have to resort to doing some creative things in the studio before long!

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BFF’s in B&W

One of the great things about telecommuting twice a week is that I get to go outside several times a day and just walk around the block to get some fresh air and exercise.  Today I made a point of carrying my camera with me each time I went outside.  My neighborhood is not at all photogenic, but you never know what you might come across.

On my last stroll of the day, I came across these kids playing in the street (it’s not a busy street, mind you).  And I heard:

“Hey, I’ve seen her before!”

“She’s got a camera!”

“She’s a photo-graffer.” (She said this as two separate words, “photo” and “graffer”.)

“Hey, you can take our picture!!”

So, I did.  Normally I hesitant about taking pictures of kids, because in today’s society one’s intentions can be completely misinterpreted.  But with the parents close by and no objections, I got the shot.  And it’s a rather good one, I think!

Friends 01

Tomorrow, it’s back to the HDR stuff…I promise!