Nature Calls at Sunrise

On the last morning of our camping trip, temperatures had dropped into the high 30’s.  We were snug in our sleeping bags with the flannel inserts, inside our dome  tent, where it was nice and toasty.  But when Nature calls, you just have to get out of that warm sleeping bag, put on your shoes, and leave the tent to answer the call.

So, that’s how I happened to be outside the tent just as the sun was rising through the trees at the back of our campsite. I was able to grab the camera and get a few handheld shots from several different angles, trying to capture the glow of the early morning sunlight on the tiny flowers  in the foreground.

Sunrise in the Forest

I took this shot in raw NEF format, and processed it to JPG in Paintshop Pro X3. I used Local Tone Mapping to bring out a little more detail in the bark of the trees, and I adjusted the brightness and contrast slightly.

Sometimes the call of Nature can be a beautiful thing!


Butterfly with Tattered Wing

Here’s a shot of a butterfly that I chased for several minutes through the campground last week.  There were storm clouds moving in, and I was trying to get a decent shot of this guy before the rain started.  He finally settled on this patch of flowers and stayed put long enough for me to get several shots with my telephoto lens.

It wasn’t until later when I was viewing the shots on my computer screen that I noticed that his right wing was torn.  Poor guy!  Anyway, I was thankful that he offered to pose for me for a few seconds just before the rain started.

Butterfly with Tattered Wing

This was shot in raw NEF format, converted to JPG and processed in Paintshop Pro X3.