Meet Ti and JJ

Meet Ti and JJ.  These two goofballs are the grandsons of our next door neighbor, and they visit just about every weekend.  They are typical boys–always into mischief, full of energy, bound-and-determined to participate in whatever you might be doing in the yard.  One weekend Ti, the youngest, helped me wash my car (if you can call squirting the water hose in every imaginable direction “helping”).  JJ, the oldest, is always into something he shouldn’t be into….one day we watched him climb the fence in the backyard and then burst into tears when he realized he was too scared to get down.

Today we had the lawn sprinkler running in the front yard, and since the temperatures were in the 80’s, it was just too much for the boys to resist.  They spent a joyful half hour playing in the water, and were more than happy to pose for photos:

Ti and JJ 01

Ti and JJ 04

Ti and JJ 03

Ti and JJ 02

Ti and JJ 05

All images were shot with my Nikon D700 and the 28-300mm Nikkor zoom lens.  Processed in Paintshop Photo Pro X4, using Topaz Black & White Effects.

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