Divine Morning

I’m still having a blast exploring all the things that can be done, photographically-speaking, with the iPhone4s and a selection of apps.

I’m planning to post a series of reviews of each of the apps I’ve used to date. But to start the ball rolling, I give you this image that I shot and processed this morning.

I used the iPhone camera app to shoot the photo. I then used Camera+ to crop and add some punch, and then I used Pixlromatic to add the color and the cool rays in the sky area. Hubby said it looks like the Second Coming. 🙂

I did use my Nikon D5000 last weekend to take photos at the bridal shower for my nephew and his wife, and I used the occasion to practice a lot with my flash. Got some great shots, but they’re all very family-oriented, so I haven’t posted any to the blog. Maybe I will after I look back through them again.

But right now, I’m just enraptured with my iPhone!

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