Topaz Adjust 5

Topaz Adjust 5 was released today, and I downloaded it as soon as I got the email regarding the release.  I had just a little bit of time to take it for a spin tonight, and I’m already liking what I see.

The layout of the user interface and the tool set is almost exactly like the recently-released Topaz Black & White Effects, which was light years ahead of their previous releases in terms of features and flexibility.  Topaz Adjust 5 comes with about 100 presets, neatly organized into collections.  One of the collections contains only the presets that existed in version 4, for those who don’t like to rush into exploring anything new.

The workspace can now be viewed in split-screen mode so you can see your original image along-side the version that you’re working on.  And tools that are now available on the right side of the workspace are the meat-and-potatoes of this release.  There are many new sliders brushes that can be used for global as well as local adjustments.  Your changes can be applied sequentially without closing the image, allowing you to “stack” your effects.

I pulled out an old photo from last February that I had never processed, just to see what the new version of Topaz could do with a slightly-out-of focus, slightly-over-exposed image that was poorly composed.  I tried all the different presets, some with mild effects, and some with really “out-there” results, but here’s the one I liked the best.

Original, unretouched image:

No processing


Same image with only Topaz Adjust 5, and slight tweak with Topaz DeNoise, and application of the Unsharp Mask:

Processed with Topaz Adjust 5


I love how the colors and the detail just POP, especially in the little boy in the stroller.  The brick sidewalk also becomes much more detailed, lending texture to the photograph.

I’m really excited about this new release, and am really tempted to go back into my library and re-process some images from past photo shoots.  And best of all, this upgrade was free!

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