Meter in the Alley

Continuing my series from last Sunday’s photowalk around downtown Tupelo:

I love exploring alleyways in urban areas, because you never get to see these narrow passages from your car as you drive by, and there’s always something interesting hidden in the recessed doorways, utility hookups and shuttered (or not!) windows.

Today I have a pair of electric meters to share with you.  Each one was part of a visually interesting composition just the way I found them, and each one seemed to ask more questions than it answered.

Whose drink was this, and did they mean to come back and finish it?

Meter in the Alley No. 2

What were the missing letters, and what did they spell?

Meter in the Alley No. 1

Both of these were shot with my Nikon D700 and my 50mm 1.8 prime lens, and then processed in PaintShop Photo Pro X4, with Topaz Adjust for good measure.

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  1. I like these. I too like to duck down back alleys to see what’s back there. You can find old things, and not cared for things and it’s just all so interesting. So i appreciate work like this. And what is with that “N T” ? 🙂

  2. Great shots, Zann. If I had to add one critique, I would have to say that I think the first photo would benefit from a different crop such as getting rid of the brick on the right hand side.

    PS. I got the 24-70mm lens tonight and my D700 is due to arrive tomorrow with my 14-24mm lens trailing behind with an ETA of Tuesday. 😀

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