No Mechanic on Duty

Continuing my series of images from our recent trip to Jerome, Arizona:

Just a quick post this morning since I had to spend three hours last night fighting with my firewall to get my printer to work (but that’s another story)…

Here’s another shot from the Gold King Mine ghost town in Jerome, Arizona.  You might remember the image of the old Ford truck that I posted yesterday.  If you look at today’s image,  you can see that truck parked just outside the door of this old general store / gas station.  I loved the interior of this place with all its dusty countertops, oil filters, and assorted tools and parts that were used to keep the mining town running.

No Mechanic on Duty
HDR created from five bracketed photos processed in Photomatix v4. Post-processing in Paintshop Photo Pro X3, using Topaz DeNoise.

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  1. Very nice environmental shot, I might have tried for a little more brightness on the far wall to bring out its detail. I love the tones and detail of the other wall and the showcase in the foreground.

    • Thanks, Wayne! I need to practice masking and layers a little more so I can isolate my edits to specific areas like that far wall. The thermometer hanging by the door was really cool, so it would have been good to highlight it a little better. Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it!! 🙂

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