Lisa and Ranger – My First Photoshoot

Last weekend I had my first “client” photo shoot with a friend of mine, Lisa, and her new dog, Ranger. We met at Steele Indian School Park last Saturday morning for about an hour. The skies were mostly overcast when we started, but by the time we finished the sun had started to peek through.

Ranger is a cute dog, very photogenic, but he alternated between being nervous (shivering), and being curious (antsy), so it was a challenge to catch shots of the two of them together when Ranger was being still. However, I think we came away with some shots that were worth our time:

Lisa & Ranger 01

Lisa & Ranger 02

Lisa & Ranger 03

Lisa & Ranger 04

Lisa & Ranger 05

These were all processed using Portrait Professional and Paintshop Photo Pro X3.

Since I’m just learning to do this, I appreciate your feedback and constructive criticism.

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  1. Nice shots. When working with dogs, I give them a treat before the shoot and then a few more between shots. Usually gets the dog looking straight at me with a good expression and ears perked up.

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