BFF’s in B&W

One of the great things about telecommuting twice a week is that I get to go outside several times a day and just walk around the block to get some fresh air and exercise.  Today I made a point of carrying my camera with me each time I went outside.  My neighborhood is not at all photogenic, but you never know what you might come across.

On my last stroll of the day, I came across these kids playing in the street (it’s not a busy street, mind you).  And I heard:

“Hey, I’ve seen her before!”

“She’s got a camera!”

“She’s a photo-graffer.” (She said this as two separate words, “photo” and “graffer”.)

“Hey, you can take our picture!!”

So, I did.  Normally I hesitant about taking pictures of kids, because in today’s society one’s intentions can be completely misinterpreted.  But with the parents close by and no objections, I got the shot.  And it’s a rather good one, I think!

Friends 01

Tomorrow, it’s back to the HDR stuff…I promise!