Church After the People Leave

The old First Baptist Church building in downtown Glendale continues to be an eyesore, at least until the economy turns around.  It remains boarded up and fenced in.  I was able to use the reticulating LCD on my Nikon D5000 as a kind of periscope–I held the camera over the fence and used Live View instead of the viewfinder to frame the shots.  I shot hand-held brackets and processed as HDR’s in Photomatix, Topaz Adjust/DeNoise, and Paintshop Pro X3.  They didn’t turn out too badly, I don’t think.

Former First Baptist Church, Glendale AZ


Back of the building


Side of the building

Front of the building

On a different subject, I’ve started a separate blog to post what I consider to be the best of my work.  The blog is located titled “The Best of Zann” and it’s located at  I’ll be posting only one photo per day on “The Best of Zann”, kind of a 365 project.  I like this blog service because they display the photos much larger on a black background, whereas WordPress is primarily geared toward written blog posts.

I’ll continue to post photos here because I like to provide some background about my shooting expeditions.  Hopefully the information provided here can be informative and inspiring to others who, like myself, are trying to improve their skills and find new places and subjects to shoot.


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