Shoe Repair Closed Forever

Continuing the series “Glendale – Behind the Facade”.

Just like most other cities in the United States, Glendale has suffered the closure of numerous small businesses, some of which had been around for more years than most of us remember.

While walking around the alleys and side-streets of downtown, we came across this small shoe repair shop that has been closed. The style used in the stenciling of the business name on the window is an indication that it’s a hometown, local shop that’s been around for awhile.

The owner, Sal, left a nice note for his former customers. It’s heartbreaking to read because you can just sense the pain that he must have gone through to have to close the shop “forever”. While the note doesn’t indicate the reason for the shop’s closing, I’ll still bet that it was economic. Yet he makes this effort to thank those who had taken time to visit his shop.

Sal was even nice enough to leave phone numbers where customers can call now to get their shoes taken care of. No web addresses here.

Closed Forever

Click image to view large in Lightbox. Image shot hand-held with a Nikon D5000 and kit lens (18-55mm 1:3.5-4.6). Processing in Topaz Adjust/DeNoise and Paintshop Pro X3.