Mayhew’s Lodge in Living HDR Color

Tonight I concentrated on processing my shots of the remnants of Mayhew’s Lodge.  I previously posted a black-and-white HDR of one of the structures, but tonight I processed everything in living color.

All of these images are HDR’s created from three bracketed photos (-2.0/0.0/+2.0) in Photomatix v4.  The new de-ghosting functionality came in particularly helpful on this batch of images because of the movement of the foliage in the wind.  It took a little extra time to examine each image, locate the ghosted areas and choose the appropriate exposure to use for the correction, but the results were definitely worth it.

After creating the .TIFF file in Photmatix, I then opened the image in Paintshop Pro X3 and used the Topaz Adjust plug-in.  The presets I used most often were Photo Pop and Clarity, but in most cases I tweaked the presets slightly after applying them.  I then finished up in Paintshop Pro by using the Curves tool to adjust exposure and applied sharpening.  In some cases I bumped up the Saturation slightly.

I’ve uploaded the images to my Flickr site, but here are links (click on the photo to see it large on black):

Mayhew's Lodge 001

Mayhew's Lodge 002

Mayhew's Lodge 003

Mayhew's Lodge 004

Mayhew's Lodge 005

Mayhew's Lodge 006

Mayhew's Lodge 007