The Mogollon Rim on a Cloudy Day

I’m still going through photographs that I took on our camping trip in early September.  On the third day we were there, we drove from the campground over to the Rim Road that leads to Woods Canyon Lake.  It was quite windy that day which made it hard to do any bracketed shots for HDR’s.  All the tree branches, grasses and bushes were swaying back and forth so much that it’s hard to get a good composite image that doesn’t have a lot of blurry action in it.  Maybe I’ll play with some of them someday, but not today.

So I’ve taken some of the single images and processed them to see what I could get.  Here are a couple that caught my eye:

Wildflowers in the Crevices

Highway of Light

Both of these show how cloudy it was that day, but they don’t convey just how windy it was.  Regardless, it was still a beautiful day to be up on the Rim, enjoying the beauties of the high country in Arizona.  These photos were shot with the Nikon D5000 with the kit lens (18-55mm 1:3.5-5.6 G), tripod mounted, in raw NEF format.  They were processed to JPG in Paintshop Pro X3.

To see other shots from our camping trip, check out the set Camping at Canyon Point on Flickr.  You might also enjoy the images of the star trails that I took while we were away from the city lights!