I’m a Stock Photographer!

Out of the eight photographs that I submitted to Dreamstime.com, three were accepted for their stock inventory.  Two were sent back for additional information (but not because of technical issues).  I’ll add more information and resubmit those.  And the other three were legitimate rejections because of image quality.

Now that I have an idea of what they’re looking for, I’ll start going through my photo inventory and submit a few more to see how it goes.  I would really like to get a little income stream rolling in if possible, even though my photography is something that I enjoy enough to do it for free.  I’m also going to start submitting to other stock sites as well.  I could get higher prices if I made the shots exclusive to one website, but since I’m just starting out I think it’s best to try and broaden my exposure.

Here’s are links to the ones that made the cut:

Daisy Spikes

Sedona Red Rocks

Montezuma Castle