Extreme HDR – Grunge and Painterly

Still working on photos from my trip to Mississippi.  Tonight I was playing around with some bracketed shots, trying to get some HDR’s processed, but it was one of those nights where I just couldn’t get anything to look the way I wanted it to.  So I decided to just go with the flow and try out some of the presets in Photomatix – grunge and painterly.

This first shot is an example of the “grunge” setting.  I found this old swing hanging in the trees near a neighbor’s house at Lake Mohawk.  I loved the way it was almost sitting on the ground, suggesting that someone very heavy had used it last.

Swingin' (or trippin'?)

This next shot is of a chimney that was left after a house fire.  I’m not sure what it is about that area, but there are more house fires than can possible be considered “normal”.  Anyway, this one happened some time ago, and the chimney still looks pretty good, especially in the “painterly” mode: