Slight Change In Perspective

Still working on the photos that I took last weekend in North Mississippi.  Late in the afternoon on the last day I was there, I took my camera to a spot on the east end of Lake Mohawk, where there was a pier that was partially submerged.  From one basic position, I just pointed the camera in several different directions left and right, taking series of bracketed shots for HDR processing.  It’s amazing how just a slight turn to the right or left produced such a difference in lighting and color temperature.

I have six different shots that I’m working on from this one spot by the lake.  Each shot is an HDR composite of three bracketed exposures (-2.0/0.0/+2.0), combined in Photomatix and then processed further in Paintshop Pro X3.  The first three are shown below, but they look much better in the large version which you can see on my Flickr page here.

I have three more that I’ve already run through Photomatix, but I haven’t finished with the tweaking yet.  I should have those posted by the weekend.

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  1. For me, the middle shot is the best one. Also, if you went nearer to the lake and eliminated the grass in the foreground entirely, I think you could get a really interesting photo of just the jetty and it’s reflection 🙂

    • Thanks, Simone! I agree with you, I think the middle shot is the best as well. But I actually like the grass in the foreground…I think it helps frame the shot. I think a couple of the shots that I took after this one may have been closer to the water. If so, I’ll post them so we can compare. Thanks for looking and for taking time to comment! 🙂

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