Arcosanti – Experiment in the Desert

I’m still going through photographs from our weekend excursion to the Verde Valley area of Arizona on March 20-21, 2010.  I’ve already shared photos from Montezuma Castle and Sedona, and now I’m starting to go through the shots from Arcosanti.  Arcosanti is kind of hard to explain, so if you’re really interested, I’ll just point you to their website at

The series of photos that I took at Arcosanti were not meant to be arty or beautiful–instead, they were meant to try and document the architecture, the landscape, and the eclectic soul of this experiment in the desert.  They were all shot as single exposures, handheld without a tripod.  None of these shots would be suitable for framing, but I hope that they help convey what we saw and experienced during our stay there.  I’m processing the images in Paintshop Pro X3, using the raw NEF files.  I’ll be posting the photos a few at a time on my Flickr site in the set titled “Arcosanti – March 2010“, so I hope you’ll check out the entire collection.

Here’s an example of the type of photos in the series.  This is one of the first structures that was built at Arcosanti.  It houses the cafeteria, gallery, bakery, administrative offices, and a couple of residences.  This shot was taken early in the morning as I hiked around the grounds at sunrise.

I can’t begin to go into all the details about Arcosanti, but I hope the series of photos will pique your interest, and that you’ll make plans to visit there, if just for a daytrip if you’re in the Phoenix area.



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