Baseball Fans Do It In the Buff – Or Do They?

Today’s shot is a study in perspective and angle–in other words, take a photo from the wrong angle and people can get the wrong idea.

Okay, this guy was enjoying the sunshine at last week’s baseball game, but from where I was sitting it was hard to tell he still had his shorts on.  Anyway, everyone around him was quite entertained.

So, should I have taken his photo and posted it on my blog?  Good question.  But as far as I’m concerned, any guy that takes off most of his clothes in a public venue like a baseball stadium has no compunctions about showing off his physique (such as it is).  So, I’m giving him his fifteen minutes of fame.

I’m still going through the baseball pictures, but I’ll probably just post one or two a day.  I’m trying to get back in the habit of going to the gym early every morning, so I need to get to sleep a little earlier at night.  That leaves me less time to spend on photo-processing, but at least I’ll be in better shape to go hiking through the mountains to get that perfect shot!



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  1. I still don’t buy the fact that you need a release from every single person that you shoot. I still believe that if they are in public its all fair game.

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