Glendale Main Library at Sunrise

I got my HDR’s of the library uploaded this morning.  Once again, all of these HDR’s were created from series of three bracketed images shot at -2.0/0/+2.0, at ISO 100, aperture-priority.  They were processed in Photmatix, and I did a little bit of tweaking on each one in PaintShop Pro, but nothing major–a little cropping here, a little sharpening there.

For some reason I enjoy the symmetry of architecture, especially when the light creates interesting shadows and splotches of bright color.  My brain likes order, and the 90-degree angles of this building just appeal to that sense of order.  The roof is partially made of copper which has developed that wonderful green patina which complements the reddish glow of the brick when the morning sun hit the building from the east.

The remainder of the set can be seen on my Flickr site in the set “Glendale Main Library“.  I hope you’ll visit and let me know what you think of the set or individual images.

I love the Glendale Main Library.  I’ve done some volunteer work there over the past year or so, and made some good friends who still work there.  I believe libraries are very special places, and deserve to be preserved and supported, so I hope these photos will encourage someone who sees them to visit their local library and see what they have to offer.

I have a few more HDR’s from my shoot, as well as some single-image photos taken while I chased the pigeons and peacocks around the library lawn (very undignified, I assure you!).  I’ll post those later this week.

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