Wolf Moon

I’ve been waiting for the full moon ever since I bought my new Nikon, and tonight was the night.  Fortunately the skies cleared up, and around 5:45 this afternoon, the moon rose over the eastern horizon, and it was a beauty.  Unfortunately, I was still in my car driving down 59th Avenue on my way home from work after having stopped at Wing Stop to pick up food for tonight’s home movie night.

About ten minutes later I pulled into the garage, dumped the chicken wings on the kitchen counter, grabbed my old Quantaray 75-300mm zoom lens, got back in the car and drove two blocks south to where there’s an open field right across from a neighborhood park.  I was able to park on the side of the road and set up my tripod right behind my car, and I got several decent shots of the moon, although by that time it had lost most of it’s golden glow and was bright white.

This is the last shot that I took:

ISO 200, 300mm, 1/25s, F7.1, -4.0EV

I played around with the settings, using aperture-priority mode, and wound up having to underexpose the shot by 4 stops in order to get a good view of the features on the moon’s face.  Of course, having taken this shot, it has only made me wish for a longer telephoto lens.

Looking forward to a good weekend of shooting, wherever it may be!


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  1. Great shot of the moon tonight! I had all kinds of issues trying to get some good pictures of the moon this morning during my photo shoot at the park. Last time I took photos of the moon though I just wound up disappointed as I too wished for a much better zoom lens. I’d love to be able to borrow a 600mm lens from someone for a full moon shot someday!

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