HDR Sunset in the Park

Ever notice that you find the best things in life when you’re looking for something else?  When I left work today, I was on my way to north Hayden Road to look for a place to set up for some possible shots of the sunset.  I was headed west on Princess, and before I got to Hayden Road, I spotted a park where there was a cool pedestrian bridge that looked like it might make a good foreground for a sunset picture.  I whipped the car into the parking lot, got out and explored for a few minutes.  I found that there was a little overlook that had a perfect view of the sun setting over the mountains (although it was a bit too cloudy in the west for a lot of great color).

I got my camera out of the car, and for once I had plenty of time to set everything up and think about what I was doing.  I used the tripod and the cable release with the camera set on aperture-priority mode at F/6.3, and took a series of bracketed shots at +/- 2.0.  Once I was sure that the sunset was pretty much over as far as dramatics, I turned around and took some shots toward the east where the “blue hour” was beginning.  For these shots, I changed the aperture to F/16 to increase the depth of field.  My ISO setting on everything was 200 in an attempt to reduce the noise.

I processed the shots in Photomatix, and I was fairly pleased with the results.  Let me know what you think!


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  1. I really like the shot of the sunset. The smooth, curving lines of the walkways to the straight lines of the light posts and then the jagged edges of the clouds is very pleasing to my novice eye.

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